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With a remarkable 23 year legacy, M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD stands as a symbol of global excellence, pioneering modern workspaces and lifestyles. Renowned for its exceptional projects in hotels, commercial offices, and technology parks, the group is committed to setting standards on a global scale.

Fatima specializes in premium hotel and resort development, aspiring to be India’s premier hospitality real estate company. With a vision to build and own India’s largest chain of hospitality assets, the company is actively involved in developing over 20,000 rooms across four cities and tourist destinations in various segments, including luxury, business, leisure, and recreation.

Operating from its Goregaon headquarters, Fatima Hotels boasts a team of high-caliber professionals dedicated to delivering innovative property designs with precise execution. Leveraging expertise in real estate development and advanced technology, the company focuses on creating premium properties.

As a leading player in real estate with over a decade of experience, Fatima gained recognition in September 2010 for undertaking the challenging task of the ITC Maratha hotel in Andheri. The company is currently enhancing its business strategies, strengthening resources, and expanding market penetration.

Facing the unique challenges of hotel development, Fatima ensures a smooth process, considering both the comfort of hotel customers and the operational needs of hotel executives. The company offers a range of services, including interior design, stone laying, waterproofing, and decorative marble and stone work.

In essence, Fatima INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD not only redefines the hospitality landscape but also elevates the very concept of luxury through its innovative and premium projects.

All this above task are done under proper guidance of management staff and civil engineers and architect. We have done few Work

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