Established in 2001 under the guidance of Mr. Shaikh Abdus Salam, Director of M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD, the company quickly became a leading force in the Indian construction industry.

In just 23 years since its founding, M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD has garnered an impressive client roster, featuring some of the top companies in India Inc. Notable names on Fatima’s client list include…

We are delighted to present ourselves as experts in Professional Civil, Waterproofing, and Structural Repairs for building, swimming pool, interior, stone fixing, and painting projects.

Our experienced and polite team, comprising both technical and supervisory staff, is well-equipped to handle substantial workloads. We possess all the necessary resources and modern equipment required for the job.

Since 2001, we have successfully conducted restoration activities to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Additionally, we excel in specialized structural rehabilitation projects.


Technical Capability and Quality Control

ISO certified (ISO: 9001:2008) company with a substantial team, including 15-20 civil engineers, 10-15 interior designers, 15 site engineers & incharge, and 270 technical workforce & skilled laborers. Additionally, we collaborate with various consultants, including interior, structural, auditors, and quantity surveyors.


Health & Safety Controls

We prioritize safety by enforcing standard PPE for our staff/labour at work sites. With a professional approach, we conduct thorough due diligence, identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a safe environment for both clients and our employees/labour


Innovation is our motivation

We excel in interior and civil work, delivering innovative designs that have earned client appreciation. Our top priority is providing solutions and qualitative work without compromising quality. Every project follows advanced architectural and interior practices, utilizing superior quality products to meet client expectations and stay within budget.

Meet Our Team

One Team, Infinite Possibilities

Mrs. Rahima A. Shaikh

Finance and Accounts

Mr. Shaikh Abdus Salam

CEO & Founder

Fatima A. Shaikh

Legal Advisor

Our Staff


Site In-chaarge




Human resources


Store Keeper



Afroz Hashmi


Rima Jadhav

Site Administrator

Raja Ram Chaupal


Venipriya Kotwal

Accounts Head

Our Workers

Success Story

Established in 2001 by Mr. Shaikh Abdus Salam, CEO of FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT. LTD., we’ve become a leading player in Indian construction. Serving elite clients since our inception, we specialize in professional civil, waterproofing, structural repairs, swimming pool, interior, stone fixing, and painting services. With a skilled and experienced team, we have the resources and modern equipment to handle large-scale projects, ensuring client satisfaction in restoration and structure rehabilitation since 2001.

Our workforce comprises a substantial team of 270 skilled laborers, supported by 15 well-trained supervisors overseeing day-to-day operations. A dedicated team of 4 civil engineers, combining experience and youthful energy, ensures the projects adhere to high-quality standards and meet deadlines. The undersigned will personally oversee the execution of the work for comprehensive supervision.

We adhere to a precise philosophy centered on perfection and quality consciousness. Achieving perfection involves dedicated efforts and utilizing the right means. Each assignment is systematically broken down into measurable units, considering time, required skills, standards, safety measures, and more.

At M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD, our ambition is to become one of India’s top construction companies. We strive for this by offering turnkey solutions for buildings and factories, employing the best construction practices available.

We highly value our employees as they are the driving force behind our success. Providing the best support to our staff and workforce engaged in various projects is our priority. With these factors, we are on track to reach our sales target of Rs. 50 Cr. soon and aim to conquer more milestones.

With a strong standing in the construction industry and a robust financial background, M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD can handle multiple large projects simultaneously. We are selective in choosing projects to ensure quality job delivery to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our integrated construction services encompass Construction, Project Management, Project Monitoring, and Interiors. In just four words, our vision and commitment to clients at M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD can be described as excellence, dedication, and customer satisfaction.

The management team at M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD consists of various professionals, including directors and executives associated with group companies. Initially led by founders Mr. Shaikh Abdus Salam and Mrs. Rahima A Shaikh, the management boasts diverse expertise.

Mr. Shaikh Abdus Salam, with a background at M/s PATIL ENGINEERING, M/s KY FATY CONSTRUCTION CO. PVT.LTD & M/s PROGRESSIVE CIVIL CONSTRUCTION CO. PVT. LTD., played a pivotal role in notable projects like M/s GODREJ AGGROVATE, M/s ASIAN PAINT, and M/s INS SHIVAJI. With a career spanning years, he managed approximately 50 Crore worth of construction jobs, demonstrating expertise in project management, planning, estimating, scheduling, P&L management, cost control, and resource deployment.

As an expert in financial management, Mr. Shaikh Abdus Salam, an ex-employee of M/s Progressive Civil Construction Co., brings invaluable knowledge of statutory requirements in the construction industry and extensive experience in overseas finance, accounts, and administrative operations.

With such capable leadership, M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD is well-positioned to confidently pursue its vision of becoming one of the top construction companies in a short span of time.

Our company specializes in a variety of civil jobs, including:

1. All Civil Works, Fabrications & Plumbing
2. Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Repairs of Buildings
3. Structural Repairs to Various Buildings
4. Advanced Polymer Repairs
5. Waterproofing & Swimming Pool Services
6. External, Internal, and Industrial Plaster & Painting, including:
a) Facade Restructuring and External Finishes & Stone Cladding
b) Compound Inside Flooring Paving Works

We consider it an honor to serve esteemed societies like yours. Our dedication is to establish and maintain a business relationship with your society, delivering quality work consistently. Despite being competitive, we maintain professionalism with personalized services, distinguishing us from larger firms with heavy overheads. Our team ensures superior performance compared to individual engineers.

Established in 2001, Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd has played a pivotal role in the city’s development, recognized for developing luxurious structures with top-notch amenities. We take pride in introducing Thermal Insulation to Mumbai for roof waterproofing and temperature maintenance.

Our expertise extends to civil repairs, paintings, interior designing, marble tile fixing, waterproofing, and RCC work. Additionally, we are authorized dealers and applicators of various products such as grouting materials, epoxy grout tiling, waterproof chemicals and paint, swimming pool products, etc.

Feel free to share your inquiries, and our prompt and personal attention will ensure your needs are met efficiently.

Having thrived in this field for a decade, we remain dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art work and prioritizing the provision of high-quality products. Our primary objective is to continue advancing, facing challenges with determination, and offering our customers innovative designs.

Our success is rooted in the efficient utilization of available resources and a deep commitment to professionalism. As a cohesive team, we diligently work to mitigate risks inherent in the construction process, ultimately saving our clients on overall construction costs.

Each project we undertake follows advanced architectural practices, employs superior products, prioritizes environmental sustainability, and contributes to making our city a better place to live. We are committed to excellence and look forward to many more years of serving our valued customers.

We bring our clients’ dreams to life through exceptional quality, surpassing customer expectations. We believe that a well-maintained relationship is the foundation for a perfectly built home. Upholding trust until the very end, our motto is to transform functional designs, architectural marvels, and strategic locations into exquisite living spaces at a price you’ll appreciate. Our goal is to establish diamond standards for projects, redefine trends, and maintain our position as the most professional builder in the industry.

We strive to create exceptional home concepts that resonate with those who embrace mainstream living and value uncompromising quality. Our aim is to touch the lives of individuals who appreciate excellence and demand nothing less.

The word that truly motivates us is “quality.” We take immense pride in our workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, consistently exceeding customer expectations. Our commitment goes beyond creating quality homes; we also focus on building lasting relationships and ensuring absolute peace of mind. We care deeply about the overall welfare of society, understanding that investing with us is an investment in a wealthier tomorrow.

Quality is paramount in our philosophy, as we believe that only the best withstands the test of time. Our team comprises skilled, versatile, and dedicated engineers, site supervisors, and professionals who are committed to delivering excellence in every project. You can trust us to provide the highest standard of workmanship, ensuring utmost satisfaction for any project entrusted to us by your Society.

Feel free to reach out for any requirements, discussions, or technical guidance. If awarded the work, we pledge to complete it truthfully and to your entire satisfaction. Thank you for considering us, and we assure you of our best service at all times.

Yours faithfully,