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With over 23 years of excellence, M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD is synonymous with global standards, pioneering new-generation workspaces and lifestyles. The group excels in developing commercial projects and technology parks that rival the best globally.

Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd is a trailblazer in the ‘walk-to-work’ concept, integrating well-planned commercial and office developments with modern business complexes. Their contemporary workplaces blend functional efficiency with aesthetic appeal, making them preferred destinations for both MNCs and Indian corporate entities, including Fortune 100 companies.

In line with the SEZ Act guidelines, Fatima actively pursues the development of IT SEZs across India, leveraging significant tax incentives for the cost-competitive IT/ITES industry. The company has already received notifications for numerous IT SEZs within its extensive portfolio.

Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd Commercial offerings include ready-to-move-in and built-to-suit options in Campus Style developments. These spaces boast scalable growth, expansive landscaped greens, an effective disaster management plan, integrated retail and recreation areas, and amenities like gyms, food courts, health clubs, business centers, and 24×7 medical services. This has made Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd a preferred choice for IT & ITES majors, as well as Indian and international corporate giants.

For Interior office Task :-

Managing office projects presents distinct challenges, whether it’s an empty space or a fully operational workplace. Transforming an existing working office requires meticulous planning to ensure minimal disruption to employees and their workflow. Often, the work needs to be executed with precision within specific time frames, sometimes even after office hours, under the close supervision of an interior design team.

Our services encompass a wide range of office enhancements, including interior design, marble laying, flooring, ceiling installations, painting, fountain laying, and other decorative elements. Each project is approached with great care to maintain a smooth workflow and uphold the functionality of the office environment.


Rooted in a robust lineage with a history spanning over half a century, Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd has been a pioneer in urban township development and renowned retail destinations. Established in 2001, the company has successfully ventured into commercial space development, leaving its mark across various locations in India.

Fatima is recognized for introducing the revolutionary concept of developing commercial complexes in close proximity to residential areas, reflecting its commitment to innovation. The company’s success is attributed to effective business models, including innovative strategies, strengthening professional resources, and adapting to local market needs for optimal market penetration.

Strategically positioned projects and a significant scale of operations position Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd as a leader in commercial real estate. The company takes pride in having developed some of the finest commercial complexes, seamlessly blending design, aesthetics, and comfort to offer premium business solutions.

With a strong PAN INDIA presence and a comprehensive range of project planning, management, and execution skills, Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd stands as a leader in the industry. The company offers a compelling career with a mix of leadership, an impressive client portfolio, competitive compensation, and a vibrant work culture a combination that is hard to surpass. Join us for a rewarding career experience

Best place to learn & grow

At M/s Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd, the entrepreneurial atmosphere empowers you with greater responsibilities compared to your counterparts elsewhere. The top management is deeply invested in the professional growth of each employee, providing a chance to collaborate closely with leadership. Our commitment to working with cutting-edge technologies positions us as the prime destination for learning and personal development. Join us, where opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive abound.

Wide exposure

M/s Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd thrives on a diverse range of engagements, spanning various industries and catering to corporate clients and government establishments alike. Joining our team means collaborating with a highly-talented, dynamic, and diverse group of individuals. Your journey with us promises exposure to a broad spectrum of experiences and challenges across different sectors.

Pan India opportunities

M/s Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd combines the advantages of an entrepreneurial startup with the comfort and nationwide exposure. Our extensive network of offices and teams across India opens doors to exciting opportunities for employees throughout the country. Join us for a unique blend of startup spirit and a nationwide canvas of possibilities.

Emphasis on work/life balance

At M/s Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd, we value each individual’s unique needs and personal family life. While we provide unparalleled opportunities, we are equally committed to ensuring the work/life balance of our people is prioritized and well-taken care of. Join us for a workplace where your well-being is respected and fostered.

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