Swimming Pool

With a legacy of over 23 years of excellence, M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD stands as a global standard-bearer for new-generation workspaces and lifestyles. The group is renowned for developing outstanding swimming pool projects, incorporating Japanese technology for swimming pool waterproofing, and expertly fixing Glass Mosaic Tiles (Bisazza Tile) – all at par with the best in the world.

Pioneering the ‘walk-to-work’ concept in the city, M/s FATIMA INTERIOR SOLUTION PVT LTD integrates well-planned swimming pool developments with modern business and hotel interests. The contemporary workplaces crafted by M/s Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd are not only equipped with modern facilities but also seamlessly synchronize functional efficiencies with aesthetic appeal. These spaces have earned recognition as preferred destinations by MNCs and Indian corporates, including several Fortune 100 companies.

Amid the guidelines of the SEZ Act, IT SEZs in India offer substantial tax incentives for the cost-competitive IT/ITES industry. M/s Fatima Interior Solution Pvt Ltd is at the forefront of aggressively pursuing the development of IT SEZs across India. The company has already secured notifications for numerous IT SEZs within its extensive portfolio. Join us on our journey of excellence and innovation in creating world-class spaces.


Entirely interchangeable with other pumps in the range.

  •  Pump with dual-speed motor including a filtration flow-rate and a counter-current swimming flow-rate (2 in 1).
  •  Motor entirely cased in resin (protection against humidity).
  •  Pump manufactured using stable materials / Compatible with salt treatment and seawater.
  •  Integrated into filtration.


  •  IPX5 single-phase motor, F class, S1 continuous functioning
  •  Incorporated thermal protection
  •  Stainless steel drive shaft
  •  Power 0.3 / 1.6kw
  •  2RS water-tight bearings.
  •  100% stainless steel nuts and bolts

Tips of use

Pool filling:
Whenever you fill the pool (1st time or after winterization), don’t forget to remove the gasket (rotate the turbine) and prime the pump by filling the pump body with water when you install it.


Regular maintenance is not necessary during use. However, it is recommended to conduct a check every three years to ensure the pump is operating satisfactorily. If needed, you should have your installer replace any worn-out parts during this inspection. This preventive measure helps maintain the efficiency and longevity of the pump.


The excavation process begins once the construction team has taken careful measurements of the pool area. After the outlines are in place it’s time for the exciting work to begin: making space in your garden for your new pool. We endeavour to ensure the surrounding pool area is left in the same condition as we found it through a careful digging process.

Preparation of the pool subsoil

Once the excavation process has been completed, you will soon start to see the progress of your pool installation accelerate. The next step is the preparation of the pool subsoil, which in this case is a gravel-based option. This means filling the base area with a subsoil layer of washed round gravel which is poured onto a geotextile fabric and then compacted. In this instance, a gravel bed is sufficient for settling the pool.

Starting Work

Fixing of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tile is a kind of small-size colored decorative glass made of natural minerals and glass powder. It has the characteristics of chemical stability, hot and cold stability, and also has the advantages of constant color, They are versatile and allow builders to create intricate designs with vibrant colors in the right timeframe. The surface of the glass mosaic is bright and clean, which can reflect the light and make the pool more sparkling. The colors are various and can be matched according to the needs of different designs to create different styles. Glass pool mosaic tiles are also one of the most attractive options. Their iridescence and deep colors will not fade. Over time, plaster and aggregate surfaces can become dull and dull, while glass tiles can remain crisp and sparkling almost indefinitely. The glass mosaic tile is non-slip and wear-resistant, making it ideal for pool surfaces where safety is a concern. The glass mosaic tile is easy to clean and maintain, and its surface is also resistant to staining. The glass mosaic tile is an environmentally friendly product that does not off-gas or release harmful chemicals into the air. The silicate glass used in these is an incredibly hardy material. It is highly resistant to corrosion and is virtually impervious to chemical damage.

Completed Swimming Pool